From 🍺 booze-hound to 💦 happy & hydrated in 725 days!

7 2 6 Days

1 year

11 months

3 weeks

4 days

103 weeks + 5 days

62,726,400 seconds

1,045,440 minutes

17,424 hours

………………………. since I took my last sip of alcohol!

It’s funny how you outgrow what you once thought you couldn’t live without.

It’s funny how you don’t miss what once was part of your identity.

It’s funny how you can get A D D I C T E D to the feeling of having your SHIT TOGETHER!

It’s funny how I used to be a bad influence. I was the instigator. It’s funny how I used to be THE PARTY GIRL! I was the WILD CHILD! It’s funny how I used to be the person who made fun of sober people because they made me feel uncomfortable. I was an instigator and feared those who I felt were judging me

It’s funny how I’m now an advocate for SOBRIETY. It’s funny how no one has ever tried to make me feel uncomfortable like I used to do to others.

It’s funny how I’m still fun & haven’t lost my wild side. Turns out I didn’t need alcohol to be me.

It’s funny how my priorities have changed, my social circle, my interests and the way I live have changed. It’s funny how much my life has changed as I’ve come to accept the real me and learned how to navigate through my emotions.

From 🍺 booze-hound to 💦 happy & hydrated in 725 days … if I can do it, so can you.

All you need is :

• a strong desire & reason to change

• leverage – what you’ll lose if you don’t change

• a new habit [positive] to replace your addiction

• a vision – what your life will be like because you decided to change your lifestyle & the way your story is written

• a Support system + accountability

• a strong mindset which can be achieved through personal development

I was so excited to go to the Butcher’s Ball with my husband on Sunday.

But…I knew that I’d be in the environment that I used to love … music, food and alcohol. I purposely shared on social media first thing that morning that it was my 102nd sober Sunday to hold me accountable.

When we got there, the weather was right, the smell of the BBQ pits brought back old memories, there was alcohol everywhere and there was a Bloody Mary station. Bloody Mary’s on a Sunday used to be my jam. Then I saw a pineapple 🍍 with a fruity drink in it. It made me want one. Not the alcohol, but the cute drink in the pineapple.

It would have been so easy to drink. Not because I wanted or needed to be drunk, not because I miss alcohol or drinking, but out of habit and trying to recreate the feeling of connection, being carefree and uninhibited.

There was tons of new people. The best part was that it was people we didn’t know and didn’t know us. We had fun together and I had an incredible time sober. I realized that I can have fun at events where there is temptation and that I can enjoy myself with my husband and feel the same way without alcohol.

As the event went on and people had been drinking for 6+ hours, I was reminded of how good it was to be sober.

Some people think I shouldn’t talk so openly about my sobriety or past battles with drugs and alcohol or my mental illness… but I don’t care… talking about it holds me accountable, is therapeutic and helps connect me with others that help me stay on the path I’ve chosen because it’s best for me.


There is nothing sexy about a drunk girl!

When did you start drinking??
I grew up with parents & grandparents who had a liquor cabinet. I grew up in the “wine country”. My grandpa brewed his own beer. My family had wine or a “high-ball” often at dinner. Both of my grandmothers drank heavily. My Papa didn’t drink, he’d quit when my mother was still a young child.

Looking back, there was always alcohol present, but honestly, I don’t feel like it negatively impacted me or influenced my decision to start drinking at an extremely young age. I remember taking sips of my dad and grandpas beer. I always liked beer.

I started drinking recreationally at age 15 when I left home. I drank to be cool. I drank because I thought it impressed guys. Looking at the pictures I can truly say, there is nothing sexy about a sloppy drunk. I learned to drink because it gave me fake-confidence and it helped keep my mind off the things that ate at my soul. I quit drinking with all 3 pregnancies, but before each pregnancy was partying pretty hard, so by the time I found out I was pregnant each time (around 5-7 weeks), there had already been several weekends that I knew I had been drunk before I even knew I was pregnant. I remember not being able to wait to drink again. As the years went by, my drinking became heavier and more frequent.

Going clockwise, these pictures are:

• 1998 (17 years old)
• 2006 (26 years old)
• 2013 & 2014 (33 years old; passed out in the truck next to Rebel, something I once saw another mother do when I first moved to Texas and thought was absolutely horrific. And passed out mid-day on a vacation, tubing with old friends and family)
• 2015 the last day I drank Grey Goose from 5 pm until 2 am that day & only remember the first couple hours
• July 14, 2017 – 628 days sober 

sobriety is sexy.jpg

…. you may have followed my story on Instagram or Facebook & read my posts and think that you don’t have a problem, which not everyone does. Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol… BUT I know for me, what started off rather innocently, “for fun”, over time ended up being a big problem.

Have you ever stepped back and re-evaluated the things in your life that “you’ve always done” or done for years??

My transformation began with fitness, then a desire to be physically healthy, which together made me start to want to be stronger and healthier mentally, which is what led to my decision to get sober. Isn’t it funny how a single decision can start a domino effect in your life, either negatively or positively??

At any point in time, you can change the course of your life, with one single decision.

Sending all my love to all my sober family. I was so shocked and am now so appreciative of just how big and supportive the community is. And I’m so thankful for the fitness community that has helped me through all of this the past 18+ months. Support is everything when you’re trying to make a change. I have a private support group open to anyone who is looking for guidance, support, and help along the way. Click on this link to request to join.